Is It Love?

March 7, 2010
By (Tori]<3 BRONZE, Bousque Farms, New Mexico
(Tori]<3 BRONZE, Bousque Farms, New Mexico
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Have you ever felt like you were in love
where you had the best feeling ever and never wanted it to go away
like you flying in the sky
when your with him you never want him to leave
always wnt him by yourside
thinking theres nothing out there better
then what your feeling at the time
you think nothing could wrong
where he'd turn his back at a heart like mine
did he care? or did he not?
was it just a game
that was full of shame
he played it well as my heart had fell
he didnt care nor he didnt dare to admit he did wrong
he left me there with no tears left to spare
as his life moved on
now i look back and say is there love in any kind of way?
my heart has no feelings anyway
is there love or do we just say
i believe a broken heart should never be played
theres better things out there in life then being just played in a game
i live me life with happiness and knowing bigger dreams are coming my way
my life is great filled with love no hate
as all my dreams had been there till this day
its time to say im thankful for my life
there is no way to complain

The author's comments:
this is about my life and how its happened to me!

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