March 7, 2010
By XRobbysLadyX BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
XRobbysLadyX BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I see you smile,
I hear your laugh.
Sometimes I wonder,
Why I want what I can’t have.

You’re happy with her.
You were never mine.
Seeing you with her,
Brings tears into my eyes.

I lay here in bed,
And think of you all night.
I try to fall asleep,
But can’t get you off my mind.

Now I truly know,
Why they call it a crush.
My heart feels like it’s breaking,
Like it’s about to erupt.

My soul is now ashes.
My bones are all broken.
My lungs have collapsed,
On these words left unspoken.

Holding tight to sorrow,
I lie and I wait.
For this knife in my chest,
To seal my fate.

The circling shades of blue,
That break within your eyes.
I think of you with her,
And my heart it breaks and dies.

I’m the sleeping princess,
Awaiting my prince.
Waiting to be revived,
By your medicated kiss.

So be my Romeo,
And I’ll be your Juliet.
I know that it’s not right,
But you I can’t regret.

I long to be the one,
Beneath your finger tips.
I long to feel your touch.
I wish to kiss your lips.

I wish to be the one,
That you kiss good night.
To be in your arms,
And to hold you tight.

But your happy with her.
And I’m in love with him.
We never even started,
Yet were bought to an end.

So goodbye I kiss thee,
Goodbye to our love.
Goodbye my angel,
My evil white dove.

My heart feels like an earthquake,
Like a trillion exploding stars.
My body aches and trembles,
As I crack and fall apart.

I’m the concrete angel.
You’re my crimsoned wings.
You’re my bleeding scars,
They burn, they ache, they sting.

I’m your broken beauty.
I’m your falling love.
Falling more in love with you,
I held your hand and jumped.

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