social games.

March 7, 2010
society is a game.
the goal? to be elite.
the strategy? intimidation.
the penalty? exclusion.

we have a price to pay
to play our petty social games.
it's like a war of smiles,
and secret small sneers all the while.

to win, you must compete;
divide and conquer them.
machievelli would approve,
the methods used by you.

we must scheme and we must cheat.
we must fight and lie and trick.
they form their little packs
based on rank and what they lack.

so tightly wound they are,
these exclusive little groups.
but they hide in comfort zones
surrounded by their drones.

all so insecure,
they rely on other ones.
they feed off visible pain
to keep themselves out of the rain.

and there are those of us
who never win the game.
we lose our right to socialize
and then find ourselves ostracized.

we are the rejects of society.
excluded from the winner's circles.
failures of the scene,
because we couldn't trick or scheme.

who are we but nothing,
just a pebble in their shoes?
the worthless losing team
or so it would seem.

so then, who are we but us?
must we always win the game?
could we choose not to play
and be ourselves, if just a day?

and so, i'll drop this game.
i will roll the losing dice.
let me descend the social climb
and finally claim myself as mine.

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