Words Unspoken

March 7, 2010
words unspoken fuel up going by with the blood flow. building up but filling the emotions away. words unspoken kind but cruel. immature, complex, but honest. words unspoken speak along with tear drops overshadowed by the luminous heart beat. boom boom boom! Do you hear them or are they just mere whispers and mumbles in the crowd roaming around with the unknown but floating like the seen but wanting to be the unseen. words unspoken speak louder than the spoken but no one hears their screaming voices above all of the silence. boom boom boom! the heartbeat beats louder than sea but quitter than the ocean. the tears drain out the emotions and drag the mixed unspoken words with them. through the loudness of the silence the unspoken words sink down and become the unknown, wanting to be seen, but remain as the unseen. words unspoken…

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