My father, My dad.

March 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Daddy’s little girl.
All grown up.
Daddy’s big girl.
Looking at the picture of his and her world.
She wasn’t planned upon, nor did she ask to be here.
A reaction to an action.
Distance divided them, miles droved united them.
Blinded believing daddy would never hurt her and that he was “The Best Dad Ever” influenced everything he did.
And didn’t do.
It made them invisible and okay.
Coming to see her, was by far the best days of her childhood.
Something wanted even if for a moment is great.
If you get it again even better.
She was grateful for what she did get.
In her eyes she was on a pedal stole, daddy’s little girl.
Spoiled rotten.
Seeing her father was reassuring every time he came, it help make it known that daddy did love her.
2hours away seemed like forever and a day, especially when daddy didn’t come.
Broken hearted little girl, bags packed and all.
“Where’s daddy, mommy?”
Repeated words. “He can’t make it.”
“He said he will pick you up next weekend”
“Okay.” Skips away, resuming to playing with her barbies.
Never knowing that her dad made her an option instead of a priority.
Two sides to every story.
Work, girls, tiered?
Dead excuses.
That takes you away from your daughter?

My Dad is here everyday.
My Dad takes care of me.
He did yesterday, today and he will tomorrow.
He’s been in my life since four.
He’s influenced me, taught me right from wrong, grounded me, and was ALWAYS there, even if he wasn’t physically, he was just a phone call away.
Still is.
My Dad loves me.
And my Dad makes me a priority.

My father loves me I’m sure.
He buys me stuff, takes me to fancy places.
I call him and he calls me every now and again and I see him every other two months or so.
I guess when it’s convenient for him, that’s his way of caring.
Everybody’s different. Right?
I was taught by my Dad to take time and learn who people REALLY are.
I know my Father and who he is.
I know his favorite color too.
Don’t know if he knows mine.
Or if he knows that I like ranch on EVERYTHING (except sweets).
Or that my favorite animal is a cute baby seal.
He’s not just a guy who was with my mom 17 years ago.
I’m thankful, God bless.
I’m happy, grateful.
Grateful for what I do get rather then what I don’t.

Silly want to be.
Wants to be daddy’s little girl.
When are you going to see reality?
She has and she wants that child mindset back.
She wants to go back, rewind time.
Maybe to make her father realize that she needed him more then he gave.
Come to more school plays, soccer games, spend more time with her just because.
No reason at all.

Always looking at the bright side of things instead of the shamed and wrong doing.
But reality is she didn’t miss out on to much of anything because her Dad was there, her Father wasn’t.
And what she did miss out on was filled with irreplaceable memories and lessons that if he was there wouldn‘t have been taught.
There’s a reason for everything.
It happens because it’s meant.
My father didn’t see me lose my first tooth.
My father didn’t meet my first real boyfriend, didn’t scare him half to death, threaten to shoot him if he hurt me.
My father didn’t see my first heart break.
My father didn’t see me grow up.
My father probably won’t be at my graduation or see me on prom night.
What about my wedding years form now, is my father or my Dad going to walk me down the aisle?
These are times we’ll never get back.
It hurts.
But you can’t change what’s been done.
Negativity in my life, move on.
I don’t want to stress, cry over some one I thought loved me to death.
When they only loved me just enough.
My father missed out, not me.

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