Sorry I Cry

March 7, 2010
By Anna135 SILVER, Centennial, Colorado
Anna135 SILVER, Centennial, Colorado
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Being perfect doesn't mean that you never make any mistakes, being perfect means you make your own mistakes and you learn from them.

It's all I have to bring today
are riches and flowers in bouquet
my kindness is flatered in many a way
for this i cannot say
how i feel today
i thank you for the good times a plenty
i'm sorry for what i have done
i'm sorry for leaving you in this time
my actions are surley rough
please live your life to the fullest
without me here to give you hope
my good deeds were rewarded with words
that lifted me up but still left a scar
i'm sorry for the plans i made
all ruined, memories fade
for us this time is gone
and the chance, there is none
for love is for two
my love is not love
for only fond i may be
the thing for which is done
for which the punishment
lie not with you but be with me
i cannot say
how i feel today
of only guilt and pride
of which give up i do
sorry i am
to you, and me
and what should i be
to that
i cry

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