Give in?

March 7, 2010
The tears rush to my eyes
Like a flood
Everything that has happened
Comes rushing back
From the time
My life started to go off track
I cried out to God above
Did he hear me
I didn’t know
I screamed at the sky
Why did She have to die
Why did you take her from me
God why do you hate me
No one understands
I feel lost in a strange land
No one is there
Even if there was someone
They wouldn’t care
I’m alone
The voice tells me
To give up hope
Why even try to cope
There isn’t a point to life
God doesn’t care
You screwed up big
There is no fixing things
No matter what it seems
The voice tells me to give in
To end my life
Here and now
But I can't
I have to be strong
I cant give in
I must fight
and I must finish

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