im falling down

March 7, 2010
im falling down
cant get back up
i got knocked around
and i think im stuck
so i need your help
and i need your love
i cant do it myself
im not strong enough
i cant tell you how
or tell you when
i just need you around
i need a friend
someone to listen
someone to care
will you stay around
will you be the one there
when im falling down
and giving in
when its to hard to try
and its to hard to win
i dont want to turn bitter
but im already lost
i thought life would get better
but at what cost
i ask myself how
and i ask myself why
couldnt they be there
why couldnt they try
i push out reality
dream of fairytales
im sick of the truth
tell me anything else
these moments i need you
when im falling down
your the one i need
dont let me hit the ground

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ktbug96 said...
May 18, 2010 at 4:17 pm
kinda late, but thanks for the comment! i like this poem, the title caught my eye and i can totally relate to it lol :) especially the last 2 lines... good job! :D
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