Not For Spicy Apples

March 7, 2010
By Anonymous

His eyes are like dark chocolate; his face is like the stars
His smile is like the radio
I see the flowers blossom as he walks by
It begins to smell like spring
I hold the flowers close to my heart
And I taste the oranges that have ripened
I can hear the birds sing as he walks by
I can see the love going around
I hear him say my dear I’ll show you the
Moon and stars where all your dreams will come true
I love him but I don’t
I pick an apple off a tree
Tart like a shocker and spicy like a chili pepper with
The taste of oranges
I threw the core of the apple down the hill and it fell up
The sound of silence on the empty hill fills my ears
The deserted hill of sadness
The passion is like an old lonely widow
I shall fly for miles on high
Bird will fly so high that she will grasp the sky
I will never comedown toward the ground for
His live has brought me great joy
Not with my spicy apple nor for another
My wings shall flap forever
Laisse-moi tranquille
Says the weeping willow that wants to touch the sky
So I still see the flowers blossoming as he walks by
And I keep on flying right on by

The author's comments:
I hope that people will get the courage to love and let go. If someone loves you but they cause you pain they are not worth it so keep moving forward.

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