One Night in Paradise

March 7, 2010
By renesmee BRONZE, Indian Head, Maryland
renesmee BRONZE, Indian Head, Maryland
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that one night
that night i saw the light
the light of passionate finds
that light which blinds
all from seeing clearly
we all want it sincerely
to have it is power
its a womans flower
a mans bee stinger
do it just right and shes a singer
we went home for a good time
oh what a wonderful time
we added the bed
subtracted the clothes
spread my legs
and prayed not to multiply
but that wouldnt be my problem
and you'll see why...
we had no glove
before we made love
he said it shouldnt matter
its not the important factor
so like an idiot i did it
now i regret it
im not pregant, im not just sick
i have AIDS and he moved on to the next chick
how i could ruin my whole life
with just one firey night
if i could go back
id make sure he wore one before we hit the sack
may GOD have mercy on me
i need no more pain in me

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