The roller coaster i call life

March 7, 2010
By nataleezyy BRONZE, Granada Hills, California
nataleezyy BRONZE, Granada Hills, California
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I’ve waited in line for nine whole months and it has finally begun
Eagerly ready to take my seat not knowing what lies ahead
They tell me to buckle up cause it’ll be a bumpy ride
I roll my eyes, but do it anyways
Slowly I start moving, gradually growing faster and faster
Till I’m finally at the top feeling better than ever
I’m finally making my own choices and taking sharp turns
Then out of nowhere comes the unexpected drop
It’s the dark tunnel people talk about while waiting in line
Feelings of fear and despair torment my body
Until finally I see the faint light at the end of the tunnel
I chug myself back up to the top feeling completely relieved
Until the cycle repeats itself
Down I go again but faster than the first time
I want to get off, and that voice in my head says give up
But I’m reminded that the end is ahead of me
So with the end in sight
I stay seated, tighten my seatbelt, and enjoy the ride

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