March 6, 2010
I’m hateful
Not destroy the world hateful
Not go on a homicidal rampage hateful
Not the kind of hateful that would come from someone who tried years to fulfill his life’s dream, only to have it crushed and taken away like the night takes sunlight.
A system hateful
A hateful that only arises as a man continues to keep up with what his superiors question and demand, only to realize it leads to nowhere
A hateful only those who have truly understand
A hateful, not to the world, but to the leaders of it and the choices they make and influence, the conforming nations under the power of rulers unfit for the position.

But all hatred must be concealed, only to strike when it means most, to give the hardest blow to society in hopes of maybe making a change. A change that will never come until our rulers stop abiding by what the world should look like, and what it really is.

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