Shakespeare's Mistake

March 6, 2010
By AndrewNC SILVER, Burlington, North Carolina
AndrewNC SILVER, Burlington, North Carolina
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Every time I said I was fine
Was the only time I'd ever lied
You were gone and left a void
In my heart, now empty
I call for you, I miss you
Your beauty, unparalleled
Your mind, brilliant as the stars
You were a God to me
But now without you, I have fallen
I am off my pillar, back onto Earth
Now I must learn how to walk again
But every step, it feels like glass
I reach to hold my heart in pain
But it is gone, I gave you my heart
And you still have it
Being without you is the worst torture
All I have left of you is nostalgia
Remembering your gorgeous eyes
Your contagious smile and everything
I miss everything about you
I love everything about you
Shakespeare was wrong,
A rose by your name
Is sweeter than any other

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