March 6, 2010
I hope you are happy
I hope she makes you happy
I'm glad she could replace my face
I'm glad she is your best friend
Tell her you love her
What a f***ing b**** you are
I hide my resentment
I would love to scream and slap
Oh, how you deserve it

You loved me?
You did not love me enough
I gave up on you, on us
And I don't care
If I died I hope your heart would rip out of your flesh
I hope you'd feel alone
If you miss me, I hope the utter sting of pain would kiss at you

I would like you to feel so much
But I know you feel nothing
And if I ask anything of you
It would be
Don't love her like you loved me
Not only because she doesn't deserve it
But because it is too much

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