I'm Letting You Know

March 6, 2010
By chlw13 BRONZE, Burlingame, California
chlw13 BRONZE, Burlingame, California
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A secret whispers through the grass
Sickly sweet
If knees could speak, they would tell you
They would tell you everything they’d seen
They would tell you of the itchy, coarse summer grass

They would tell you that straw-like grass etched
the zig-zag marks onto his knees
They would tell you that the cool, stoney stairs
pressed the perfect square grid laid out across his boney, white shins

They would tell you, they would softly chant in your ear, blue blood coursing underneath that thin, thin skin had seen it all

They would tell you.
Though those knees don’t talk
Those patterns murmur, only if you’ll listen
But it didn’t matter after all
I could tell
Who’d been praying, aloud or not

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