Goddess of Love (Aphrodite) Part 1

March 6, 2010
By Anonymous

I pray to a godess that this pain would go away
I wonder if it would've gone away if you decided to stay
pain is a compromise
looking back to say that everything was just a lie
I once loved you
with this heart of mine that now is an icy blue
they say breathe for love tomorrow
you lended me sorrow that I never asked to borrow
so give up or continue to chase pavement?
its difficult to stand here with so much resentment
does reciprocity exist?
I've questioned you actions multiple times, but why didn't love bring me bliss
goddess of love I ask if what you stand for is true?
and therefore heres yet another intentive endeavor
someone else may say its foolish, but I say its oh so cleaver
to suppress my emotions and thoughts
reversing the one thing I was self taught
not your typical movie script ending
but just the debatable beginning
so ends the search for an uncommon solution
I remain here with the the exact same contusions
swimming in unexpected silence
unwillingly facing deadly rememberance
maybe love is just temporary endearment
or just everybody's experiment
know that I am broken
and not a single wors shall be spoken

The author's comments:
My ex

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