March 6, 2010
By Logan Hatt ت BRONZE, Womeldorf, Pennsylvania
Logan Hatt ت BRONZE, Womeldorf, Pennsylvania
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Many words come to my mind,
Social, school, books, friends
No matter how much we hated being children,
Once we become adults we want to be as care-free and “happy-go-lucky” as many kids are.
Once we become adults, we understand how scary the world is and how dangerous it can be,
But we don’t understand when we are children.
Growing up naïve, unstable, psychotic (sometimes)
But then living in fear of terrorists, wars, the apocalypse for crying out loud!
Once we become adults we think it is great because we can make our own choices and be independent
But once we depend on something for so long, we get accustomed to it and we end up feeling worse than before.
Like a caged animal,
When they get used to being fed everyday and not having to worry about anything,
When they get put out in the wild,
They won’t survive because they depended on somebody else for their wellbeing.
Understanding this concept might be difficult, but adulthood is not all what you think it is, but neither is…

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