Here A Nights Rest

March 6, 2010
By MelxRose BRONZE, Franklin, Pennsylvania
MelxRose BRONZE, Franklin, Pennsylvania
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The sleep I find is deep and blue
It is sent to me by who, who?
Soft and grasping, pulling me down
Sinking silence, dark clinging dew
Sandman comes in his dusty gown
He quiets the sound from the town
Sweeping broad like an eagles wing
The subtle creeping like a frown
In my dreams the angels will sing
Or nightmares come, terrors they bring
Waking from slumber, bare of sheets
The cold chills, to me it will cling
Counting the sheep, one, two, it bleats
Round my bed shadows leave their seats
The sun rises with my heart beats
The sun rises with my heart beats

The author's comments:
A Copy Change piece, where the rhyme scheme and setup of a another work is copied but the poem itself is different. Unfortunately, I am failing to remember what poem I copied...

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