the glowing lady

March 6, 2010
By child-of-fire BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
child-of-fire BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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The door slams and i hear my father yelling.

Dad screamed at mom, and then hit her, his words were slurred, mommas face swelling

I started crying and he walked over and hit me

His eyes were red, and he was sweaty
mom ran over and stood between me and daddy

I heard more yelling and cursing, then dad went to the bedroom

He returned with the thing in his hand… the one that made the boom…

I looked at mom, her face was pale.. her hands were shaking

She took off the rock she always wore, and threw it down, her calmness breaking

Dad looked from mom, to the ring, forgetting I was there

He pointed the thing at mom, and it made a noise, I screamed, but they didn’t hear

Mom hit the floor, and dad pointed the loud thing at himself, again it made a noise.

I sat there, shocked and scared. I crawled out from behind the chair

I sat beside mom, and stroked her hair

I talked to her, and asked about the fights

The blood on the floor glistened from the nosey flashlights

And the cops came in, their eyes wide
I ran from them, and tried to hide

Curiosity gave in,
I had to see mommy again.

I looked from behind the table and watched them put white blankets on mom and dad

They looked at me, but they didn’t seem mad
Behind them stood a lady, all dressed in white

She seemed to glow in the dead of the night

Her wings looked soft, and she held her arms open to me

She walked over to the table and took a seat, and she spoke, her words I didn’t understand

I looked at her; she picked me up, and whispered in my ear

“Sweet child, go see them. Their nothing to fear, they will take you away, to a new mom and dad. They’ll hug and kiss you, and won’t be mad.”

I walked over to man, all dressed in black, I took his hand, and never looked back.

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