Marching on

March 6, 2010
By Anonymous

And so the battle begins.
The morning sun rises up and fills the world with light,
But the darkness is growing.

It surrounds me everywhere I go.
Gossip spreads faster than a forest fire
Leaving many behind hurt and burned. Somehow I remain
With few battle scars to tell the tale.

Then comes the challenge.
The darkness tries to swallow me up
In the pride of the world. To lead me down
Into a bottom pit of guilt, of sadness,
Of darkness.

I try to fight back
But my weapons seem useless against so many.
Should I shun the fight and give up?
Or should I march on?
As I declare my liberty of freedom, of hope,
Of light.

It's so hard, but every move I make
Is a step towards my goal.
The light is within reach
And the skirmish is won.

Light fades as
The sun sets and darkness covers the earth,
But the light in me grows
As I march onward toward the battle.

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