Perfect vs. Imperfect

March 6, 2010
blue eyes,
perfect nose,
curved lips,
waxed brows,
whitened teeth,
clear skin,
brand name clothes,
American Eagle,
tight jeans,
size double zero,
XS shirts,
designer purses,
sunglasses and shoes,
expensive makeup,
professional hairspray,
fixed hair,
famous perfumes,
real jewelry and—

Screw perfect!

gorgeous eyes,
blue, green, brown, or gray,
natural, messy hair,
or ponytail,
clothes that just fit,
no matter from what store,
comfortable jeans,
worn and torn chucks,
pocketbooks from target,
fake jewelry with personality,
hand made bracelets,
Wal-mart shades,
self painted nails,
fingers and toes,
make up that worsk,
$5 perfume,
rings out of gumball machines,
The average girl,
completely perfectly imperfect.

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