Everything God is Not

March 9, 2010
By Anonymous

They file in to hear him preach
Of hellfire and damnation, this is what he will teach
Today he stares at the audience and from the podium he cries,
"Repent your sins! Avert from the flames thy eyes!"

He screams about how we're all morally incompetent,
A real-life Moses himself standing in the pulpit
Little does the audience know as they sway in favor,
He's going to go home and cheat on his beloved wife with his neighbor

Famine and loneliness abound in this world,
Yet they all stand belittling gays and promiscuous girls
Worried that masturbation may be a sin,
Instead of somewhere in Africa a boy's life will soon begin

Without a home, without any friends
No food, or clothes, or love until the end
"God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve
And anyone who disagrees shall be cast to the pit below."

Hypocrites! Let he who is without sin through the first stone!
Our love is ours, doesn't love always mean alot?

God is love, love is God
Hate and bigotry are everything God is not.

The author's comments:
Jesus was about love, not hate. When we hate, we salt the wounds he suffered on the cross and make his mother weep. May all find God and, most of all- in finding Him may they find love.

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