Couragious Attempts of Blind Victims

February 27, 2010
By Julie cohn BRONZE, Broussard, Louisiana
Julie cohn BRONZE, Broussard, Louisiana
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I care more than anyone should
I've followed you as a polluted breeze
I'm sick in my thoughts for your love.
I've surrounded you like a spreading disease

I coded you with evidence of power,
So many thoughts with no choice
Tormenting silence of your features
But I know I should fear your voice.

Your more than I can handle
I can't let you dangle me by thread
But without you breathing at my rhythm every night
I'd let this endless disease spread.

I'll cover our past with cold hearts
I'll make our life an assumption
This is our kind gift to humanity
With our time bound by corruption.

Starting fast with tragic encounter
We'll crawl to hide our face
Noticing all the fallen bodies
So many memories we'll have to erase.

My disease is rolling over peeling revolution
There's no way to stop it's course
Jumping from broken buildings
& with this, we'll take this world by force.

Love is larger than image
Sounds, now, seem so distant
Running is so small to this threat
This sickness is more than persistent

Our case has broken it's lock
I'll attack this planet with ease
You'll find ways to build a path
& together, we'll devour it's disease.

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