Color of Mind

February 27, 2010
By Julie cohn BRONZE, Broussard, Louisiana
Julie cohn BRONZE, Broussard, Louisiana
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Immense hues of blue
Oceans of sapphire crystal
Waves of colored skies
All shooting like a pistol

Fires blowing clear crusades
Abandoned flowing surge
Jolted brightening stars
All starting to emerge

So much fellowship of gray water
The pureness of joined hands
Grouping fallen cuticles
All coming together in strands

Chasing beautiful nectar
Standing still for the smell
Preventing velvet ripples
All eyes starting to swell

Courage of all colors are struck
Combined forces of smaller shade
Forming a path of ridicule
All attempts are starting to fade.

Cherished quarrels of purple rains
A storm so strong it crushes day
Bending any arms around pale hope
All color has began to decay

Orange catastrophe emerging
Blackness swallowing any explosion
Tsunamis of crashing white water
All in complete revulsion

Cringing in fields of green
Watching broken leaves burn
Resolving missing puzzles
All worlds starting to relearn

Turning empty to thoughts
Planning curves of shadows
Forgetting the simplest shade
All changing back to callows

Creating the new beauty
Stealing luck from clover
Destroying endless complexity
All sight has frozen over

Freshened fields of ivory
The sour bits of anger
Tormenting scarlet throat
All imagination a stranger

Cutting the smallest light
Envious pupils have gone blind
Attaching souls to pigment
All in the color of mind

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