I Love You.

February 27, 2010
I never met you,
I don't know what you look like,
We aren't even blood related.
I don't know how you sounds,
The kinds of things you listened to,
The books you read,
The movies you watched,
Or the things you smiled about.
But I know one thing,
I love you.

Love is love,
There should be no limits and people shouldn't hate,
You needed to be loved for who you were,
Not for who you loved.

If I could have stopped you,
I would have,
But I didn't even know you,
But I wish I did,
Because I would have loved you,
I would have understood and listened.

If I could have hugged you,
Or laughed with you,
Smiled or talked with you,
Maybe you would have seen that not everything,
Not everyone,
Is terrible and hateful.

I don't even know what you look like and I love you.
We weren't related and I loved you.
The second my parents told me about you,
I cried until I couldn't cry anymore,
I still cry myself to sleep.

One life gone and still I hear about them go,
It hurts to hear about the things that happen,
I love you,
I love everyone that needs it,
I love and I love and I wouldn't take it back for a second,
I love everyone and everything because that's all this world needs,
It needs love and understanding and even as I type this,
I can't help but smile through these tears,
I don't know very many people,
But I love them because I can,
I don't judge them on who they love,
Or how they look or the things they believe in,
I judge on the things they do and how they act towards others,
I love you,
And I love everyone that can love.

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