"Over Mountains Old, The Road Goes Ever On”

February 27, 2010
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The road goes ever on,
till’ it winds ‘round to where it begun.
and will meet other paths,
The road goes ever on.

Into deep darkness, into bright light
the wooded forest,
cities burning bright, ..
To old castles of kings,
o’er hills long forgotten

Take the path less trodden

Far through the endless plane,
to lost cities of old,
into darkness again,
to caverns of gold,…

over old hills and far away,
the old road goes ever on,
into fires, to dark places,
into fair places, to meet the fairfolk.

into open arms, to feast..
away from closed, to famine..

yes, the road ever goes on,
but, what if..
it don’t return to where it begun.;
We’ve’ traveled long, over hills of old,
we took the path that of, no one told.

we closed the door, shut out the lights,
we’ll be gone from here a-many nights..

But we must remain strong and true.
into caverns ‘old.
just me and you..

and the fires will lead us, along the path,

never ending,
winding path

The pursuit is strong behind,
no, we won’t be home tonight’.

Could it be, the ends at hand?

will it lead to where it began?

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jesse said...
Apr. 20, 2010 at 10:06 pm

Awesome poem - Enjoy Tolkien too


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