February 27, 2010
By foolish_dork GOLD, Green Bay, Wisconsin
foolish_dork GOLD, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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i know what i say be4 that i

wanted this to go

but i lied to you with every word

with the tears i cry writing it all

even thou you read the message or not

i really wanna tell you whats on my mind

all week and every minute since i met you

you made me fall in love with you so deeply

that it cuts me like a knife

that i bleed inside and out alone

on the bed where i use to be at when i talked to you

you made me laugh you made me beleive that love is possible

you made me cry of missin you

it took me awhile to understand whats in my heart

youre in it so tight that knowing it i fade inside

when you say that im beautuiful that made me had butterlflies

ive never had butterflies in my stomach for such a long time

i didnt beleive your words but when we got closer

i fell for it and your voice repeats like a movie

you've been busy makin that dream come true

ive waitied for you every minute

even thou i said i couldnt anymore in the message

but im still am here waiting for you

wishing to just hear your voice one more time

to say how i feel about you

you're the first guy ive felt this for

ive trusted you with my everything

i dont know what you are doing

but i sit here wondering how you've been

at times i lay on the bed thinkin of you

missing all the talk we had

you were the first guy ive done such things for

i prayed to god for you

i still do to have you back in my heart

i love you so much that your face is all i c

all i can feel is you

when im just walkin

i think of you

no bois can replace you in my heart

no matter if they talk to me or not

your voice sticks to me so hard

that without you its harder to breathe

it feels like sum1 took all the air in the world away

i no im always late

like now i wish i can go back time and tell you that i love you

that you are my everything

i let you out in hands like sand

but my heart hasnt let you go

it's stuck on you like a star on the night sky

i cry every nite

makein a storm in this world

it's so hard to get out of this darkeness

im like wearing no clothes in this new world

where rain falls endlessly

and the cold wind blow and im here alone

shuttering and in fear of havein you gone

wanting and wishing you to be with me now

i know im in deep with you but i cant help it now

i love you all my heart

i wanna say that one more time

be4 you let me go and leave me

i know that im insane to say all this

but it's the truth

im missin you so much that i make the angels cry

i love you so much that i would do anything for you

i love and miss you forever and ever

The author's comments:
joseph my ex bf inspired me to write this and i wanna say thxs for bein da best even thou we don't talk. thank u my inspiration!

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