Falling Off A Canvas of Love

February 27, 2010
By rainydays BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
rainydays BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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In a family of competitive athletes
I’m the lonesome individual
With only art on my side, the only thing that I’ve been good at
The only thing that I don’t have to try to please
I see my future blurred together
Not sure if I should pursue my dreams
Of being the artist that I am
Or please my family by being athletic

A painting in my head
An empty space waiting to be filled
Who am I today, will I ever know?
I wonder about my genes
If they directed me toward paints, palettes, and ‘platters
Rather than field kicks
Or running like cheetahs
Along with the rest of my family

Don’t want to feel like the black sheep
Never admitted my yearnings to belong to anyone
Too many times, while standing on the sidelines
I’ve realized I was the outcast
Dreaming of finding my gateway to fitting in
To feel accepted by my athletic family
A mere wish to belong

A painting in my head
The outlines shaded and clearer
I pitied myself, wishing that someone would notice me
I wish I knew where I belong
I love my family, of course I do
Only I’m not connected,
A loose dot trying to fit in
Kind of off to the side
Almost falling off the canvas of love

A painting in my head
Light shades color the inside as it starts taking form
Unique was a word I had despised at the time
I would’ve much rather been
An invisible stereotype among the crowd
Than a flamboyant individual who stood out
Grandma has always been telling me to be myself
But I didn’t want to be “me”
I wanted to be one of “them”

Flittering away like a scrap of burnt paper
My hopes of pleasing my family faded away as I grew
Life patiently taught me its lessons
The rest of my family is athletes
I am the individual artistic taking my stand
The world needs people like them and me
My ideas and thoughts are just as important
So I began to paint what I feel and know
Maybe one day my family will realize my believes

A painting in my head
With clear, distinct details
There must be a way for me to be accepted
Maybe through my painting
My family will understand its importance to me
As time crawls down the wall

And leaves start discoing down
I start counting down the days
Till I can reveal my artwork to my family
That I’ve worked so hard on just for them
And finally show them what I can do
Hoping that they will see me in a new light
Someone different from them

A painting in my head
A complete and polished piece of art
Hanging in the gallery
Self-pitied had only dragged me down deeper
I know who I am now
And won’t have change to please anyone else
Surrounded by my family and friends
Who have finally learned to accept me for who I am

The author's comments:
Although this particular situation doesn't relate to me I feel the same way. Sometimes I wish I could fit in more but then I just remember my difference is what sets me apart. Making me who I am.

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