My Best Friend.

March 23, 2010
He is my best friend.
I trust him with my life.
He always keeps me safe.
He always gives a hand.

Why is he like this,
Only towards me?

Towards the rest of the world,
He is mean, scary and destructive.
People fear him.
Maybe it's his stature at 1st glance.

Whenever I am down,
He cheers me up and makes me laugh.
He is always by my side.
I love him.

He is 6'3" and muscular.
His mouth is in a frown.
His eyes glare at those unknown.
If you make him angry, run.

Whenever I am hurt,
He kisses it better.
He's my idol.
He is my sunshine.

He is smart and athletic,
You wouldn't dare call him a dork,
Or you're dead meat.
He is something else.

How can these two desciptions,
Ever be the same person?
So unlike one another.
Why is that?

Maybe it's because he hurts inside,
Only I know of that pain.
Maybe because I know him,
Almost as well as he does.

Or is it just we are best friends?
Or could it be something more?
I don't know, but
That would explain it quite well.

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