Game Over

March 23, 2010
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Is this a game?
An everlasting game
where everyone dies,
but the villains live on?

The time had come,
to escape this abominable place.
Darkness takes over and fills my body with fear,
but never my heart.

A rush of cold travels through my body,
I get the strength to rise,
lift myself upon the dead ground.
And suddenly my feet take off.

Shots echoing through the woods make my body tremble,
screams make me shudder.
My heart is pounding through my chest,
I become numb.

No, I cant stop now.
No, I cant let go.
I hold on to life,
as if I’m still holding my fathers hand.

Each minute my grip becomes looser,
slipping away.
My lungs are giving out,
I gasp for air.

It is as if I am drowning,
as if I’m still at that horrid place.
Under hundreds of corpses,
Struggling to the top to have one last breath.

This is it,
but I’m drowning in my own fear.
Fear of being shot,
the fear of getting this far, then to only end.

I remember the gruesome smell of the burning bodies,
the burning hair,
people being killed before my eyes,
the emptiness I felt within me.

I wondered if this detestable game would ever end
or maybe there was no ending.
But my faith and hope would never leave me,
this game wouldn't end without a fight.

The grip I once had, suddenly vanished,
musty air ran through my fingers,
heavy footsteps could be heard approaching,
But my legs were still moving hastily.

All at once, my fear diminished,
thoughts started to race through my mind,
Thoughts of my fathers voice
and the smell of my mothers food.

The ones who gave me hope,
the ones that loved me
and the ones that tried to bring me down,
but never succeeded.

My heart pounded with hope,
and in that very moment,
that moment that I was running for my life,
the moment I realized I was stronger then ever before.

The moment I realized I had never given up,
Well at that moment,
a smile formed upon my face,
Something I hadn't been use to.

A shadow of another formed behind me
that smile still glued on my face,
and before I knew it...
Game over

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