Fear Which Flows

March 23, 2010
By LaurenJane PLATINUM, Canton, Illinois
LaurenJane PLATINUM, Canton, Illinois
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This Fear of living past any usefulness.
This Fear of dying before I’ve been useful.
This Fear of regret and Fear of not living enough to regret!
This Fear of people who say the words “I promise not to hurt you”.
This Fear of venomous spiders clinging to the wall and fear of people who cling like venomous spiders
This Fear of losing everything.
This Fear of gaining nothing.
This Fear of panic and anxiety.
This Fear of my lack of understanding and Fear of others lack of understanding of me.
This Fear of vehicles that are white.
This Fear of having children and passing my problems on to them.
This Fear of lack of perfection.
This Fear of not answering every unanswered question.
This Fear that I will run out of questions to be asked.
This Fear of never doing “right” simply because I wanted to discover my own “right” way.
This fear of loving someone and not being loved in an equal manner.
This Fear of over-emotion and Fear of feeling nothing.
This Fear of rejection.
This fear of not being feminine enough and Fear of being too feminine.
This fear of calamity in this choices I will make, therefore I procrastinate…
This Fear of Failure!!
This Fear of the absence of originality.
This Fear of finding myself.
This Fear of being alone and Fear of being with people.
This Fear of staying in the same place and this Fear of leaving.
This Fear of being hypocritical for my hate of hypocrites.
This Fear of being nothing more than skin and bone.
This Fear of drowning in memories and Fear of Sorrow!
This Fear of knowing that I do not know something and Fear that I do not want to know what was said.
This Fear of lack of motivation.
This Fear of the wanting that comes with dreaming.
This Fear of not making the music that sings sweetly in my soul.
This Fear of being religious, and this Fear of missing spirituality beacuse of it.
This Fear of pain.
This Fear of insanity and Fear of normality.
This Fear of Fear itself.

There. All is revealed.

The author's comments:
Being transparent when writing is very important to me, and in this piece I simply let my fears flow from my heart and head to my pen. The "Fear of people who say the worlds 'I promise not to hurt you'" is about many things, one of them being clowns. Just an FYI.

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on Aug. 30 2010 at 8:13 pm
LaurenJane PLATINUM, Canton, Illinois
23 articles 0 photos 14 comments
This was a piece that was required for my creative writing class. We had to do a "list" and it could be about anything, but had to have a repeating pattern in the beginning of each sentence. It's extremely personal to me, seeing as how it's all of my fears simply laid out on the table

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