My true love's loss

March 23, 2010
By Kimberlynn19 BRONZE, Greenville, Georgia
Kimberlynn19 BRONZE, Greenville, Georgia
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everyone is gonna hurt you, you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.....bob marley

My love is what has been lost and taken for granted. Why doesn't the one i do love care? Why doesn't she know? Why can't she see it? How can i let her hear what my soul sings out to me and feel what my heart is feeling? My heart pounds repeatedly and longs for her soft whisper, her gentle touch,her everything. My soul sings out to her but it gets not a single sound in return. I have dreams in which i see her and i hear her, but when i awaken it all seems to disappear. its like its not even there anymore. someone once told me that in love you lose everything and i had to have it happen to believe them. but through the crying in the nights,the lonliness during the days,the emptiness of my soul and the brokenness of my heart. i've come to know the meaning of a true love's loss.

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I was recently in a relationship that i got my heart broken one to many times. i was in love with a girl and she never saw it until here recently. I haven't known this girl for very long, but it feels as though i've known her for my entire life. This girl means so much to me and she is the love of my life!!! I love you Hope A. and you're the most amazing person i've ever known....

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