Sit and Pray - Somme Battle

March 23, 2010
By Skyeheart BRONZE, Gatway, Colorado
Skyeheart BRONZE, Gatway, Colorado
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"The angels glorify; men scrutinize: angels raise their voices in praise; men in disputation: they conceal their faces with their wings; but man with a presumptuous gaze would look into Thine unspeakable Glory." - John Chrysostom

Watching, waiting…
Nothing more to do than sit and pray we make it through today.
Dust flies through the air with each passing day,
As we silently hope that all this is nothing but a bad dream.

Time means nothing down here,
As we wait for bombs to pierce our lives.
Many soldiers’ patience fade as we just watch and wait,
Knowing that the hour of death is always upon us.
And now our last salvation of hope is to just sit and pray,
Hoping God will save us today.

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