my drug

March 23, 2010
your voice is like poison
your smile soo contagous
your laugh that makes me blush
your words that eat up my heart
your personality i love
everything cant be right
something has to be worng
its all just too perfect
and now i know whats happening
and i cant do it again
to fall for you
what harm will it do
my world without is already falling
your smile that makes me smile
it just makes me want to scream
cause your voice is so addictive
its like your my drug
but then i feel it wearing off
and its like i need to have more
but then i cant find you
im looking for you
runnning to find you
when i stop
i know that your gone forever
all it toke was that one qeustion
she asked you
now its like she owns you
but still youy in hesrt
your face trapped in mine
and i know that i cant win this battle
your just to addictive
to let me forget
my feelings for you
mean nothing any more
your amile
your laugh
and your personality
was all it toke to bring me down
im atill feeling for you
and knoe i know what to do
i need to fight
win this battle
i wont find myself trapped agian
i am not addicted to you
you are no longer my drug
your eyes in the back my mind
tell me nothing but
that you only wanted me as a fren
it all has to be gone
but still its all in the back of my mind..

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ForbiddenLove... said...
Apr. 21, 2010 at 3:11 pm
Just other words to describe it. I have been through heartbreak... yes a love can be like a drug oh so easily...I love your work
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