this is goodbye

March 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Hey sweet boy,
This is goodbye.
This is hard for me,
Hard not to cry.
I never thought I'd leave so soon,
Especially like this.
Now I can say I won a battle-
First one on my lifelong list.
But not alone,
'Cause you were there.
Not my brother,
But a friend-
I hope this friendship stays the same.
You're a hero in my life,
I took to you so well, so fast.
I want these memories to last;
Those icepacks thrown,
Those days I screamed,
Those words of comfort in my ear.
And wisdom too,
Who knew that you,
A psychiatrist I mean,
Could actually help me out so well.
I stand corrected thanks to you,
Not everything is living hell.
DBT will make me smile,
Mindfulness I'll practice
For a while,
Or maybe not, you know me well.
If I'm joking you can tell.
So smile for me, and stare at walls,
Run barefoot, sit against a tree,
Jump into leaves, practice dodging skills.
I might come back just to give you a migraine,
And toss you an icepack, just you wait!
Here's a hug:O
And heres a kiss:X
You might be the only one like this,
In the psychiatrist wold I mean.
I'll raise my hopes, maybe find another,
But no one will ever be quite like you.
Once again I give you thanks,
For every time I see your face,
Hope is rising in my chest.
I don't know why,
You're special I guess.
I'm glad you made me feel like this,
You in my life has changed it's course-
I now know joy by knowing you.
So much to say, so little time,
I like you too, this is goodbye.
So take a breath, because you're right--
I will be okay.

The author's comments:
dedicated to blaise. he is the most amazing psychiatrist I have ever met. unfortunately, I am leaving this DBT program soon, so this is my goodbye to him. we had many good times, and he showed me that not every therapist and psychiatrist is bulls***. He has changed my life, and will always be special to me.

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