Signs of an Angel

March 23, 2010
By Raga21 GOLD, Belmont, Michigan
Raga21 GOLD, Belmont, Michigan
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The year was 2008.
It happened as fast as it were fate.
I remember the laughs, the joy, yet the fears.
I’m wishing you were still only here.

You would make me laugh
Until I cried, and felt the tears
Rolling down my eyes.

You’re a special person, I have to say.
You not only made me happy, but lit up my days.

You’re not a lonely person, but at times you felt that way.
You were not scared to say what you had to say.

You loved the taste of chocolate
In any form it came.
And every day when the winter sky was white,
You gazed out to see
The sight, as if you were counting every little flake.
You would take a deep breath in at
The beautiful scene.
You were clueless and didn’t know what
Most things meant and most of all,
You didn’t remember me.

You could not remember your
Old happy days.
It’s like a tide took them and
Washed them away

So fascinating at times you could hear
On a quiet Christmas day
With lots of Christmas cheer.
If you listen so closely
Your voice you could hear,
Singing carols in the
Softest sound, yet you had no choice, but
To admit, it was an angel somewhere around.
You could get grumpy once
And awhile and sometimes act
Like you were a child.
When you hugged it was filled with love
As if God gave a signal
For all to forgive,
Knowing her days are being counted to live.

Most may think they know
How this feels, but this
Kind of love is strong and is real

There is so much to add,
Yet time is on a countdown.
So look around to pick out and see
Who means this to you
As she meant to me?
So hold on to those special,
Cherished memories because
One day that’s all there will be
Besides knowing she’s always standing
Beside me.

The author's comments:
This is dedicated to my Great Grandma... Marian F.

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