Forever Dusk

March 23, 2010
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Flitting shadows on the empty street,
Swirling mist in the frigid air.
Whispers fading into the dark,
Streaks of blood ghosting along the dusk.

Falling to the black of cold oblivion,
Flashes of bittersweet sight.
Wings of bone fluttering against the wind,
Frozen in a silent cry.

Spidery tendrils creeping up the night,
The numb wind singing pain.
Ragged breaths in a losing fight,
Ashes where a body had lain.

A twisted web of untold truths,
Sparks of the dying flames.
Slashing against the stinging strength,
Midnight skies never the same.

Spiraling threads flowing towards the unknown,
Coiling together as one.
The horizon lit with golden tears,
Wept by the setting sun.

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