Apathetic Apex

March 22, 2010
By Pseudonymous GOLD, Saint Peters, Missouri
Pseudonymous GOLD, Saint Peters, Missouri
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Why is a finite action able to act on infinity?
I guess the answer is that we’re all expected to act sensibly.

Billowing hanging clouds harmonize with snow dusted summits

Goats drift fluently from jagged peak to jutted base
their beards mimic each stir of the bitter breeze

The sun gently coaxes dawning shadows to retreat
reminding each entity of its appearance and punctuality

Existence is expelled across an
entire asymmetric expanse
yet unscathed snow provides an uncanny uniformity

Darkness attempts to reclaim its seized earth
only to be divided into thin unimpressive shadows

An enigmatic film coats the sharpened apex
densely obscuring a distant clarity

As dusk awakens from a shy and lengthy slumber
it shoves the sun beneath the anchored skyline

Deep reds and purples are emitted through the fog
the sun's tart tears pierce through the indifferent dusk

Nature looks on with a silent and unabated scorn
unwilling to interfere with the scuffle of her children

She stresses the dangers of her family's hostility
and how it can devastate the important infrastructure

But her offspring do not adhere to her advice
now that father time has cruelly abandoned them

She paces a long while, confused and dazed
unable to assert herself without another's affirmation

Eventually, she blindly wanders into a harsh sleep
doubting she'll encounter any respect by morning

The author's comments:
The message of this poem is to mainly express the division between the human race and the nature which created them.

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