One Request

March 22, 2010
By Zoe_Nightshade SILVER, Racine, Wisconsin
Zoe_Nightshade SILVER, Racine, Wisconsin
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You and me we’ve gone our separate ways
We’ve both grown up
But I want to remind you of those endless summer days
You were a little sweeter and didn’t mind talking to me
We could be around each other and we could just be ourselves
I wish I could go back to those greener pastures to see what went wrong

Because Now we’re at a standstill
No smiles, no laughs, no…anything
Our friendship has been broken
Every time I try to regain our once carefree kinship
It just splatters pain everywhere

But we were friends all the way back to those t-ball days. Back in the days where school wasn't in our jargon. We could have adventures together and neither of us cared what the other thought

So I just have one request:




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