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March 22, 2010
My world starts at the beginning of the day
Wedged between stars, the valley between dawn, and dusk
we have one tree, it is our sun
between us three, my brothers and I
lies the only land with covered sky
I am the King of the Slums
Etched into my brow is my crown, my bled for vow
No guardian, no “friend” stands over me
We are clean, clean and free
Two ruts run through my domain
One coming in, the other going out again
The boxes, homes, and shelters all, lean backwards
Against the walls, of the gods
Darkest alleys in between, seeming to reach out
With cold fingers, poverty,
wanting to snuff out our matchsticks with doubt
However, our flesh is not so soft, so malleable
My people, dressed in our rags and cloths, stand tall
Not with a fistful of angry words, or hateful rocks
Can you chase us away, drive us away
This is our home, our own, in between the stars
I am the King of the Slums
I have fought for my honor, held my own, won my sky
Between us three, my brothers and I
We have the only tree, it grows our silver
Wedged between the leaves, the valley between growing and dying
My world stops at the end of the stem
My sunset, like a peach.

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