He is

March 22, 2010
He is a very willful man.
His wealth and his power come from his land.
I remember the day he asked for her hand.
I told her: “he is a very willful man.”
But she just laughed and tripped away,
To prepare herself for the wedding day.
“He is a very willful man!” I say.
“Please, please don’t sell your life away!”
But she was young, filled with delight,
And they were joined on a warm summer night.
“He is a very willful man” I mumble,
Broken hearted, away I stumble.
For a few short years they were happy, it’s true
But the golden glow faded, and tired she grew.
Longing for the simple life she once knew.
I told her “divorce him! And start a-new!”
She frowned with a sigh, and shook her head
“He is a very willful man” she said.

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