Forever and Ever Ended Too Soon

March 22, 2010
By Anonymous

I remember when he made me grin as wide as the sea
And laugh like a little girl with such excitement.
When he convinced me to ride the wooden Voyage
At Holiday World with him, five times in a row
His hand holding tightly to mine while
Bouncing up and down in the seats,
Then stumbling around the park feeling dizzy.
When we sat next to each other in class all day,
Passing notes, trying not to get caught.
When he spoke the promising words

Of “forever and ever, no matter what.”

My heart believing it every time he said it.
When his family of three welcomed me
Into their warm and sweet embrace
The times I longed for it most.
I remember when the text came asking for a meeting alone

My hands quivering as I read the words,

Then meeting him at the road that connected our neighborhoods.
I slowly walked up the dark, black cement

My eyes looking down at my feet shuffling along

Afraid for what he would say.
And I remember my head beginning to spin
As he slowly tried to explain how he no longer felt it
All the while, breaking my fragile heart that I had freely given him
Into thousands of pieces like a shattered mirror
While he tried to act like he was doing nothing wrong.
Walking away with his two friends he decided to bring along,
Probably in hopes of humiliating me more, as if that were possible
Leaving me standing on the deserted rode in the hot sun
All alone.
The worst thing I remember,

Something I will always remember,
Is feeling the sting of the cold, hard tears
Stream down my pained and young face.
For days, and days,

And days.

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