We Have Been Called

March 22, 2010
Phone Rings
Turn in the TV
"Everyone will remember this day"
I tie my Boots
I put on my uniform
A Hummer pulls up
"Lets Go"

The Hummer goes where everyone is Running
We see her fall
We take covor
As soon as it's Over I Run to her
I start to move the Rubble
I Look at all the people Helping

We forget the Differents
We forget the Races
We forget the Money
We stand as One

This is why I Love to serve
I am one of a few who risk everything to sweat blood for this country, these people, my family.

I remember my daughter yelling Please dont leave. Why you leaving? I told her that I am here to save her.
To save these People
To save our Rights
To preserve our Freedom
Because Freedom is not Free. It cost the Blood of Men and Women in the Service.

I will serve with my life next to my family, friends, and my country. I will stand tall when I am Called to Fight, To Save, To Risk my Life. For You.

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