Now your a different man

March 22, 2010
By Anonymous

I hate that your now a better men with her
When I was with you
It was nothing of that sort
You were a jerk
And I was your toy
I think
Although it was love at first
Slowly turned to hate
But you still talk to me
You know you still care
Deep inside you do
And yet your with her
But you cheat on her with me
You still care
And if you still hated me so you wouldn’t be here
Obviously you don’t love her that much
But yet you call for me to visit
And deep down inside I still care
I love you and you know I always been there
And now your thinking of putting a ring on her finger
I hope it falls off
That finger of hers
She took my place I want it back
You left because I wasn’t ready for sex after 2 years
I wasn’t you know that
Is it that you love her because she gives you what she wants
You left something that keeps me here
That keeps me going crazy
I cant stand seeing your face
But missing your kiss
That scar still remains
Of you and me and what we had
I know you feel it to
Yet why am I here
I ask for advice but yet have all the answers
Some how you and me will never be together
Yet she tells me to fight for my man
I know you still care or you wouldn’t be here
The hurt the pain
My love for you grows
And I wonder where your love for me has gone
I feel it in your stare when you smile at me
When you give me all this advice
About the guys I date
I know whats up
Secretly hoping for you two to break up
That’s what I want
That’s all I want
When will you see
What Im here for

The author's comments:
something im going through

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