My Safe Were Secrets Lie

March 22, 2010
By DreamerForever BRONZE, Greenville, Delaware
DreamerForever BRONZE, Greenville, Delaware
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I feel it weighing down on me
like drenched clothes in the rain.
I hear it filling to the brim,
screaming out my name.

In my safe where secrets lie,
I lock up all the pain,
I bury all the memories and hide away the shame.

I'm a bank where you can deposit,
and you will never withdrawl.
I'm the teller sworn to silence,
no secrets can I tell at all.

My life bacame like an open book,
write anything you wish,
anything you want,
more secrets you can dish.

In my safe where secrets lie
I lock up all the pain,
I bury all the memories and hide away the shame.

I am your candy machine,
insert a secret and get set free.
I am a sacred book,
bound in secrecy.

My life doesn't matter,
it's already layed out and planed.
I am to be your journal,
just to listen and understand.

In my heart where secrets lie
no matter if they're yours or mine,
I must deal with the heavy burden, erase this torture from my mind.

Because I am here to store
all your lies, pain or dirty deeds.
I did not ask for this,
but this is the purpose you all made for me.

So in my safe where secrets lie,
I must lock up all the pain.
I'm forced to bury all the memories
and hide away the shame.

The author's comments:
I thought up this piece on November 8th 2009. I always loved to capture emotion through poetry to share with others and I hope that with this poem, I did that. It's one of my favorites out of all I've done. Thanks for reading.:)

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