Things to do before i die.

March 22, 2010
By LAH1029 SILVER, Potomac, Maryland
LAH1029 SILVER, Potomac, Maryland
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Thing to do before I die
I’d first go shopping in NY
I’d hit up Paris and meet a guy
I’d eat their pizza, nice and hot
Id devour gelato a whole lot
Id visit Hawaii relaxing on the beach
Id slurp out of a coconut with the flavor peach
I’d go to Hollywood to meet some stars
Id drive around in fresh expensive cars
I’d die my hair bright pink
I’d get a tattoo with purple ink
Id seat crazy things like a lime
Id dream and hope I could have more time
I’d have a party and invite all my friends
I’d say I’m sorry to people and make amends
I’d tell everyone I love them with all my heat
I'd wish very hard, I was back at the start

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