Warrior Weak form Battle

March 22, 2010
By Anonymous

I bet you don't know, can't even understand...
Why I fight and praise him as best I can. The enemy fights my mind, sets me up and I fall every time.

I strive to do good, as David says evil is always present. I press to live holy. But, the enemy comes and puts a hold on me depression, stress, vexation surrounds me. Slowly and slowly intruding my mind.

I throw a punch and he strikes back twice as hard. I fall again, but this time i had a friend, someone to confide in someone who will never leave my side, and who will assist me in this never -ending battle.
There's no doubt in my heart I AM SAVED! Sometimes you cannot tell by the
Carless choices I’ve made.

I'm a warrior weak from battle.
The key is to strive to mark the perfect man.
I bet you don't know, can't even understand...
Why I scream hallelujah and clap my hands.
Every time I do it, it cripples that evil man.
It gives me strength to endure. It makes me feel sure.

That with every clap he begins to weaken and with every scream hallelujah the prison walls that once surrounded me begin to crumble and fall. Bringing fear to the enemy because, he knows he will never win in a battle with me.

There's no doubt in my mind we all fall short. But I thank god for his love and support
Never again will I fall, it's time for me to grab my sword and shield and attack the enemy without yield, without mercy. As he did me.

I will no longer be a warrior weak from battle, the strongest weapon I have is my praise if I give that up then the battle is lost.
So I press to win in this never-ending battle.

To be not again a warrior weak from battle.

The author's comments:
Just a peice I wrote to release my spiritual frustrations, being a teenage christain, living in these days is very challengeing.

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