The Flower

March 22, 2010
In my life,
This little, empty room
Sitting, staring, in my box, Soaking up my gloom
And then one day, you came along And pebbles you would throw
At my window, 'till it broke, Awakening my soul
And now, I do not sit and sulk,
I do not mope and cry
I sit out on my roof with you
And watch the world go by
Some days we'd escape
To a daydream by the sea,
And we'd dance together, in the moonlight
All alone, just you and me
We dug a little hole there,
In that daydream where we'd go
There we planted a tiny seed,
Gave it love,and watched it grow
Now it is a flower,
Beautiful, and bright
There are words upon it's petals That shine in the moonlight
And every night we're there together,
We smile, sit, and read
Our special flower's message to us
"Love is all you need."

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