Mislead By A Reflection

March 22, 2010
By Anonymous

I know I've been in love before,
But I've never felt like this.
I believed not what I should implore,
From the brush of our first kiss.

Though it disappeared so fast,
I saw her reflection in a mirror.
Her perfect image in the glass,
Could not strike me any clearer.

Her pastimes and her vagary,
Too flawless to be true.
Maybe because in all honesty,
She reminded me of you.

I block each passageway for air,
Simply cushioning my sorrow.
My tears bleed through the mask I wear,
Things will be better tomorrow.

I know that lies can damage you,
And impair your trust forever.
I wish I could have told the truth,
To you but I'm not clever.

The scars are there to remind me,
Of the wrongs that I have done.
Never in a hundred years, you'd see,
The kind of pain I've overcome.

Reflect the past into a mirror,
Tell me what you see.
'Cause when I look into her eyes,
You're staring back at me.

It's impossible to think of now,
A time when it was just us two.
I know the reason I'm so down,
Is because in her I saw you.

The author's comments:
I hope this poem will show people that looking for someone new isn't always the way to get over someone; especially when you're with that person because they remind you of your ex.

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