The Soun My Heart Makes

March 22, 2010
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The sound my heart makes is a steady beat of light a simple melody of all that’s good and right I can feel it pulsing through my bones and hear it all the way down in my toes it’s almost as if my soul has suddenly become exposed it’s a strong and calming harmony that makes the world go round a loud and fascinating song that could push me to the ground it makes silence seem so deafening and noise as fragile as paper wings it’s the devils silky voice that’s whispering in my ear it’s the coldness of a summers day the strength to carry my life’s weight it’s a sorrowful and low refrain that seems to echo inside my brain the sound my heart makes is all that I can hear a sound so captivating you can’t help but lend your ear a sound that seems so close to me a sound that is all that I can see a sound that means I’m still alive a sound that means I will survive but somehow I can’t understand how the sound my heart makes reminds me of things that hurt things that leave things that live and things that bleed I don’t understand how the sound my heart makes can be so cryptically everything that’s me.

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